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Should I add a huzzah? No? Okay then.

An introduction instead. I used to own a bike when I was a kid. It was green (I think) and went superfast – with go-faster stripes on the sides and an old playing card held in the back spokes with a clothes pin. The sound was excellent (I thought) and sounded like a motor-bike. 

Motor-bikes were what cycling as a little one was all about for me – and then later I never actually bothered to get a real one. Too scary, really. 

I had a new bike when I was about 14. Afforded it from the money I got for my confirmation. It was new fangled and rather spectactular, combining a 3-speed internal gear hub with 7 derailleur gears. Served me well until I started my first job – although I have to admit I didn’t go very far on it. To school occasionally, to university never. I did break it out again to go to work now and then. On sunny days only really. And then found the rear wheel had suffered a rather nasty bump and wasn’t straight any more – and the gears didn’t shift and the purple and light blue colour scheme wasn’t right any more.

So I got a new bike. Obviously. And we’ll start from there.