I came upon a few linked pages that are … interesting.

Specifically, I was talking about this:

And suddenly I wonder again if there isn’t money to be made in spouting pretty much anything you like, as long as it contains the parts “fat”, “lifestyle”, “energy” and “cardio”.

Unlike Zombieland I’m not convinced those fitness people actually know what they are talking about. And far be it from me to bash people without a good reason. Let me quote two:

Example Number the One:

Dennis Grounds of Training Grounds for Life: “… you get rid of any stagnant energy and get your heart rate up, therefore bringing more oxygen into your lungs and increasing your energy for the day.”

Stagnant energy? Really? Energy is the ability to do work. This can’t go stagnant. If that were even remotely possible, physics would be a much more interesting course of study. “Hey rock, levitating in midair, if it’s not too much of a bother, could you please fall down here?”.

Example Number the Two:

Riva Rahl, M.D., from Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, Texas: “regular exercise […] helps you to better utilize oxygen”.

Again, far be it from me to bash people without reason (and the rest of the sentence actually made more sense), but “better utilize oxygen”? Maybe I am too bound in chemistry to take that seriously. I tend to assume molecular reactions to be pretty much a “work/don’t work” operation. If there is oxygen, it’ll be used. It’ll not be used and suddenly generate an extra 100kJ/mol, because you remembered to do your pushups in the morning.


And somehow, this article drags (squealing and kicking) the posts into the limelight, that try to tell me that “carbohydrates are bad”, “fruit sugars are the worst you can eat while dieting” and “you need 13 pineapples a day to stave off ozone from the photocopier next door!”