The above title is, admittedly, only the polite version for post titles. Informally (and in my mind), the following test shall always be called “the asshole test”. 

And I do appreciate, that calling someone an asshole is frowned upon in polite society, but this is traffic we are talking about. All pretense of politeness has gone (probably since approximately the second person ever set foot on the same road – I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about roman road rage). 


Anyway, the test itself is simple.


As a participant of traffic (in short: driver), ask yourself the following question each time

  • – you caused distress to someone else,
  • – almost rammed them,
  • – took their right of way,
  • – cut in front of them,
  • – turned into their path without looking,
  • – honked at them for “going too slow”,
  • – or really any other illegal maneuver I forgot to mention in my excitement.

Would you have done the same, if they had been driving a loaded gravel lorry?


That’s the whole test. If the answer is “yes”, then you are a bit inconsiderate or were distracted and will have to accept that you made a mistake. One that could be considered dangerous, but nothing happened today. 

If the answer is “no”, or even more likely “no of course not, that would be dangerous!”, then you are an asshole. 

I would have to admit to a “no” twice today, for pedestrians walking respectively standing on the bike path while texting. And I feel mildly bad about it. I wonder what the woman in the white estate car got as a result …